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The master rules and regulations documents are held and maintained by the HYC Honorary Secretary. Additions or changes to the rules may only be made with the approval of the membership in accordance with rule 11.

All HYC members are bound by the rules, regulations and guidelines contained herein.


  1. NAME The name of the Club shall be "THE HUMBER YAWL CLUB". The objective of the Club is to promote and facilitate the sport of Sailing and to provide social and other amenities for Members.

  2. FLAGS The Club Burgee shall be a red triangle with a white border, with the initials HYC in white in the centre. The Captain's flag shall be square, with swallow tail and other Officers' flags shall be square.

  3. OFFICERS The Officers shall be Captain, Vice Captain, Mate (North Bank), Mate (South Bank), Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Sailing Secretary, all of who must be full members having a share in a sailing yacht. They shall be ex officio members of all committees. All Officers shall be elected at the A.G.M. each year for a term of 12 months and shall be eligible for re-election thereafter.


    1. The General Committee shall consist of the Officers, the Membership Secretary, Social Secretary and six other members, providing that sufficient members come forward for election. If insufficient members come forward, the General Committee may co-opt additional members to fill vacancies with full voting rights until the following AGM, when the co- opted members must stand down or stand for election. All General Committee members must be Full, Family or Honorary Members. Seven shall be a quorum. At least two General Committee members shall retire each year in order of seniority of election or after three years and will be eligible for re-election. All candidates for election must be duly proposed and seconded and their nominations sent to the Hon. Secretary at least 7 days before an A.G.M. The whole management of the Club shall be vested in the General Committee who will recommend the level of subscriptions.

    2. The Bar Committee shall be responsible for the purchase, supply and sale of intoxicating liquor on the premises. This Committee will consist of five members who shall be Full, Family or Honorary Members including at least one member of the General Committee. They will be subject to election at the A.G.M.

    3. North and South Bank Working Sub-Committees will be appointed from members of the General Committee after the A.G.M. and shall be responsible for the day-to-day management of those sites.

    4. A Berthing Sub-Committee will be established.

    5. General Committee meetings shall be chaired by the Captain or in his/her absence, by a Flag Officer in order of seniority. General Committee meetings shall be convened at least bi-monthly with the exception of August.

  5. ANNUAL MEETINGS The Annual General Meeting shall be held in December each year when the Report, Financial Statement, duly reviewed by a qualified accountant, and recommended subscription rates shall be submitted. The Officers shall be elected and vacancies on the General Committee filled. Only Full, Family and Honorary members shall be entitled to vote at an A.G.M. or special meeting.

  6. SPECIAL MEETINGS Upon authority being given by the Committee or by a requisition being made and signed by at least twelve Full, Family or Honorary Members stating the subject intended to be discussed, the Hon. Secretary shall call a Special Meeting of the Club, which shall be held not earlier than seven and not later than 21 days after the receipt of requisition, for the consideration of such subject only.

  7. ARREARS Any member whose subscription is in arrears on the 31 March may have his/her name removed from the list of members at the discretion of the Committee.

  8. ELECTION OF MEMBERS Candidates for membership shall be proposed and seconded by Full Members. A Flag Officer must meet the candidates and interview them and assess their suitability for membership and report this to the General Committee. Fully completed membership applications shall be displayed for at least 21 days before election.

  9. HONORARY MEMBERS Honorary members may be elected by a unanimous vote of the Committee.

  10. RACING All Club Races are to be sailed under R.Y.A. rules.

  11. ALTERATION OF RULES No alteration or addition to the Rules of the Club shall be made except by a two thirds majority of the members present and entitled to vote at an Annual or Special General Meeting. If the alteration is to be brought before an Annual General Meeting, notice must reach the Hon. Secretary before 10 November.

  12. ALL benefits from the sale of intoxicating liquor shall be used for the benefit of the Club as a whole and only liquor supplied by the 'Bar Committee' shall be sold on licensed Club premises.

  13. NO person under the age of eighteen years shall be permitted to purchase, be supplied with or permitted to consume intoxicating liquor on the licensed section of the Club premises.

  14. VISITORS Each member on any one occasion may introduce to the licensed section of the Club premises, a maximum of three guests who must sign the visitors' book to be provided for the purpose. The member introducing the guest(s) must sign his/her own name, the date and record the names and addresses of his guest(s).

  15. WITH the approval of the General Committee, and at an agreed fee and payment at the time of booking, a member may hold a private function on the Club premises provided that:-

    1. 42 days notice in writing is given to the General Committee. Such notice must include the name of the member, the reason for the function and the name and address of the guest(s) expected to attend.

    2. Subject to the grant of approval by the Bar Committee, the details by (a) above shall be recorded in a separate register, to be kept available for inspection 48 hours prior to the proposed function.

    3. At such a function the entire cost of the function, including the supply of the intoxicating liquor, must be paid for by the organising member(s). No guest at such a function shall be permitted to purchase intoxicating liquor. The consumption of intoxicating liquor shall be confined to permitted hours.

  16. ANY notice to be given under these rules shall be addressed by a member to the appropriate Committee at the Club premises, and by the Club, by posting it to the member at his last known postal address.

  17. ONLY Full, Family, Honorary and Cadet Members are eligible to use and/or keep a yacht or dinghy on Club moorings, slipways and premises.

    a) Members keeping a yacht on Club moorings or premises must comply with the Berthing & Storage Regulations.

  18. IF any yacht, dinghy, motor vehicle, trailer, spar or other thing shall be left or abandoned by any member, ex-member or visitor to the Club in a place or position that, in the opinion of the Committee, shall obstruct or prejudice the rights of any member or create an obstruction impeding the proper rights of any member or of members as a whole then the same may be removed onto some other part of the Club's premises by the Committee or by a person Authorised by the Committee. Every care shall be taken in such removal to avoid damage but should damage occur to the Club, the Committee and the person so authorised shall be under no liability whatsoever to the owner of the property so removed or to any other person whatsoever.

  19. MEMBERS, guests and visitors are bound by the Conduct of Members paragraph which is shown as part of these Rules and the following Rule which shall be exhibited in prominent place within the Club premises: Members of the Club, their guests and visitors use the Club premises and any other facilities of the Club entirely at their own risk and must accept that: The Club will not accept any liability for any damage to or loss of property or for personal injury arising out of the use of the Club premises and any other facilities of the Club sustained by members, their guests or visitors, whether or not such damage or injury could have been attributed to or was occasioned by the neglect, default or negligence of the Club its officers, members, servants or guests.

  20. NO animals may be brought into the Clubhouses except assistance dogs.

  21. A member of another sailing Club recognised by the Royal Yachting Association may be accepted as a visitor and use Club premises and facilities subject to the requirements of these Rules being observed.

  22. YEAR BOOKS shall only be sent to Full, Honorary and Associate Members and such persons or organisations as the Committee may decide.

  23. THE COMMITTEE may make bye-laws and Regulations as it may from time to time think fit, such bye-laws and Regulations to remain in force until approved or set aside at a vote at an A.G.M. or Special Meeting.

  24. OFFICERS and members of the Club acting with the authority of the General Committee or of the Bar Committee shall be indemnified by the Club against any personal liability rising out of any contract entered into by them on behalf of the Club.

  25. MEMBERSHIP of the Club by any member shall be deemed to constitute acceptance of these rules.

  26. TRUSTEES are to be elected and removed by nomination of the General Committee and voted for at the A.G.M. in accordance with R.Y.A. guidelines.

  27. THE CLUB is a non-profit organisation. All profits and surpluses will be used to maintain or improve the Club's facilities. No profits or surpluses will be distributed.

Conduct of Members

It is the policy of Humber Yawl Club that all members, visitors, instructors, officials and volunteers show respect and understanding for each other, treat everyone equally within the context of the club and conduct themselves in a way that reflects the principles of the club.

If any member is concerned that someone is not following the Code of Conduct they should inform the Honorary Secretary or the person in charge of the activity.

Enforcement of Club Rules

The Rules of the Humber Yawl Club were drawn up over many years for the benefit of all members to ensure fair play and provide equal access and enjoyment of all facilities within the Club's financial constraints. In the unlikely event that members disregard the Rules, Bye Laws or Regulations, refuse payment for services provided, or act in such a manner that their behaviour may damage the good name of the Club, the Committee and its Officers will take appropriate action. Such offences will be raised at the general Committee meetings and in the first instance the offender will be verbally warned. Should the member disregard the verbal warning, a written warning will be issued by the Secretary on behalf of the Committee and its officers. Further offence(s) or continued refusal to respond as requested will result in the member being requested to come before the Committee to answer for their actions, which if not satisfactorily resolved could result in the termination of membership and full removal of all property from the Club's premises at the owner's expense.

Berthing Regulations

  1. Berths are wholly owned by the H.Y.C. and are allocated annually, at the sole discretion of the General Committee for mooring sailing boats. All members requiring a berth, storage, or wait listing must apply annually by 1st January using the forms supplied with the Year Book. If an annual (re)application is not received for a boat with a current berth, storage or wait listing then it will be assumed that this is no longer required and it may be reallocated to another member.

  2. In fairness to members on the waiting list, berth holders are expected to sail their boats regularly. If a berth holder is not intending to use their yacht regularly then it should be put on the hard.

  3. The berth is allocated to the member for the size of the yacht declared on the application form. If the owner changes the yacht, permission must be sought from the Berthing Committee before mooring the new one in the Havens.

  4. The Berthing Committee reserves the right to change the berthing arrangements in the Havens, but will endeavour to minimise the inconvenience to members.

  5. Berths will not be allocated for powerboats, motor-sailors and power-sailors. In deciding whether a vessel is a motor-sailor or power-sailor, the manufacturer's description of the vessel and/or other parameters such as sail area/displacement ratio, engine power/displacement ratio, hull type and so on will be taken into account. In the event of a dispute, the final decision will lie with the General Committee.

  6. Members must maintain adequate insurance for their yacht at all times against third party claims whilst berthed/stored, and be able to furnish proof upon request.

  7. By prior arrangement, berth holders may leave a berth unoccupied for a maximum of one full sailing season providing the berthing fee is paid in full, without losing their allocation. Under such circumstances, the Berthing Committee may make a temporary allocation of the berth to a member on the waiting list. At the General Committees discretion this period may be extended to two full sailing seasons for yachts cruising more distant areas.

  8. The supply and maintenance of stern and mooring lines at Brough and Winteringham are the responsibility of the berth holder and shall comply with the specification posted on the clubhouse notice boards.

  9. The maintenance of the pontoon on which a vessel is moored is the responsibility of the berth holder in co-operation with the appropriate bank mate.

  10. Floating moorings and pick-up buoys are strictly forbidden.

  11. Yachts must be adequately fendered whilst lying at their berths.

  12. Annual Membership subscriptions must be paid before a berth, storage or wait listing will be allocated.

  13. Berthing/Storage fees to be paid before occupancy and in any case by the 31st March. If not paid by 31 May the Committee has the right to remove the yacht and reallocate the berth.

  14. A waiting list generally exists for H.Y.C. berths. Members requiring a berth for the first time and berth holders changing to a yacht of a different size are advised to place their names on the waiting list at the earliest opportunity by completing an application form and sending it to the Berthing Committee, Humber Yawl Club, Brough, East Yorkshire. HU15 1ED. There is no charge for going on the waiting list.

  15. Vacant berths will be offered to the yacht at the top of the appropriate list. If that person does not have a suitable yacht to put in the berth then it will roll over to the bottom of the list and the berth offered to the next person.

  16. To remain on the waiting list an application form must be submitted annually. Those who have a yacht in HYC storage, and have that particular yacht on a waiting list, may endorse their annual storage application form to the effect that they wish to remain on the waiting list.

  17. If no waiting list application renewal is received by 1st January, for a yacht currently on the list, then it will be removed from the list. If an application is received later than this then it will be placed at the bottom of the list.

  18. Late payment of membership/storage fees will result in any relevant yachts being removed from the waiting lists. On payment of any late membership/storage fees the yacht in question will be put back at the bottom of the waiting list.

  19. Each Full membership allows for the maximum allocation of one berth. "Full & Family" members wishing to apply for a second berth must convert to two individual (Full) memberships.

Mast Issues

The HYC General Committee has agreed the following with the North and South bank mates:

Boat owners must consult the appropriate mate and abide by his decision as to whether he requires mast removal prior to coming out and or for storage in the yard.

Waiting List Guidelines

  1. The waiting list is intended for prospective berth holders and existing berth holders who wish to have a berth in a different haven or in a different size category to the berth they currently occupy.

  2. All berths are numbered and at the discretion of the Berthing Committee are deemed suitable for a given category of yacht. The categories are specified in terms of boat length, i.e.: up to 21ft., 21ft. to 24ft., 24ft. to 29ft., 29ft. to 33ft. and 33ft. to 38ft. Max Beam 12ft.

  3. Members may specify one or two havens on their waiting list application forms. When they occur, vacant berths will be allocated on the basis of seniority on the waiting list for the particular size category and the haven available.

  4. Where two or more members are equally rated in terms of number of waiting list applications then the Berthing Committee reserve the right to allocate the berth to the member who has the best record of service to the club

  5. A yearly tally of the total boat beam in Brough and Winteringham havens will be kept and this will be compared with the total space available in each haven with the aim of minimising overcrowding. In all instances the Berthing Regulations will apply.

    Regulations for Use of Electrical Power

    Electrical power is provided to members upon payment of the following charges :

    1. Free To carry out occasional maintenance or battery charging, whether the boat is afloat or ashore. The berth holder must be in attendance at all times. Mains leads must be removed/disconnected when the boat is unattended.

    2. £50.00 p.a. Use of electricity when berth holder is not in attendance and for puposes other than permitted by (a).

    3. £150.00 p.a. Use of electricity by live aboard owners.

Mains leads must comply with the current electrical supply regulations, cable must be of the correct type, no joints or intermediate connections, no multiple connections and with a maximum length of 25 metres.

Electricity supply points must in no way be modified or extended without Committee approval.

The Officers and Committee Members are authorized to remove any connections contravening these regulations and to report any such contraventions to the General Committee.

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