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Facilities At The Club

All Club equipment is regularly inspected and certified as safe, however the Club will not accept responsibility for accidents caused by misuse and without permission.

When equipment is used it must be cleaned and returned to secure storage. Any defects in equipment must be reported the Mate as soon as possible.

Brough Facilities

Brough Slipway

The slipway with a flat concrete pad at its base is available for launching and recovery of member's boats, depending upon the height of the tide and the draft of vessels.

The surface of the slipway accumulates a great deal of mud and can be very slippery. Members are advised to remove as much of it as possible using the pump and hose provided.

Eight Ton Boat Hoist

This hoist is available for members’ use by arrangement with the North Bank Mate. This equipment can only be used by experienced members and correct Health and Safety rules must be observed, including the use of personal protective equipment.

Members should familiarise themselves with the Risk Assessments displayed in the Club House.

Ford Tractor

The tractor is available for the movement of boats on trailers and manoeuvring of the boat hoist. The tractor may only be driven by designated drivers on club premises. Training will be given to those members who wish to use it.

Once again, Risk Assessments should be consulted before use and Health and Safety considerations must be observed.

Electric Winch

An electrically powered winch is available for raising and lowering boats up and down the slip way. This powerful piece of equipment should only be operated by suitably experienced operators and advice as to its use should be sought from the Mate. A manually operated winch is also available.

Members should familiarise themselves with the Risk Assessments displayed in the Club House.


Lifting Frame and Mast Storage

A lifting frame is available for the handling of large items such as engines.

Mast storage racks are available, but members are advised to remove spreaders and other equipment before storing. Masts should be clearly marked with the boat or owner’s name and should be stored as neatly as possible. A mast trolley is available for moving masts around the boat park.

Mast Hoist

A mast hoist is available for the fitting and removal of masts. Care should be taken in the use of this equipment and the weight of masts being lifted must be within the SWL marked on the hoist.

Members should wear appropriate safety equipment when operating this equipment. The mast boom should be securely fastened when the equipment is not in use.


Winteringham Facilities

Winteringham Slip way and Leaning Posts

The slipway is available for launching and recovery of member's boats depending on the height of tides and the draft of vessels.

Members are advised to liaise with the mate when launching or recovering vessels.

Articulated Boat Lift

The boat lift is designed to launch and recover boats up to 8 tonnes MGW in combination with the winch and tractor.

It must only be operated by experienced members.

Personal Protection Equipment must be worn using this equipment.


The tractor at Winteringham is available for members’ use. Training will be given in its safe use and handling on Club premises only.

As with all Club equipment, Health and Safety regulations must be observed. Risk Assessments are available in the Club House for information on correct use.

Combination Electric and Manual Winches

This recently upgraded equipment is used along with the hoist or trailers to launch and recover boats.

Once again, advice on use and safety considerations must be observed.

Winteringham Boat Park

The boat park at Winteringham has facilities for storing craft on cradles and trailers. Electrical power and water is available for maintenance.

The Winteringham Kitchen

The Winteringham Club House kitchen has recently been fully refurbished. Cooking facilities, fridges and freezers are available for members to use.


Electrical power is available on the boat park for use with power tools, jet washers and other equipment. Mains water is also connected, but this may be isolated during the winter season.

Planning Lift-in/out
Arrangements for the lifting out or putting in of boats must be made with the Mate in advance and the appointed date and time recorded on the wall planner displayed in the Club House. It is the responsibility of the boat owner to organise a lifting team and contact the appropriate experienced members and designated drivers.
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