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2020 Trophy Awards

NHC Cruiser & Keelboat (Squib & Flying Fifteen)
Racing Results 2020

Coronation Trophy
-  Winter Series 
1. Windhover
2. Bear Necessity
3. Tarentelle
Simon Milner
Les Norris
Bill Rayner
Tom Martin Trophy
-  Early Season 
Not raced (Covid)
HYC Silver Jubilee Challenge Cup
- Mid Season
1. Alma
2. Re-Focussed
3. Rebel Rouser
Mark Peacock
Dave Holland
Tim Barraclough
Gerald Wood Cup
- Late Season
1. Windhover
2. Efficacious
3. Rebel Rouser
Simon Milner
Chris Burns
Tim Barraclough
Burcom Trophy 
-  Mid Week
Not raced (Covid & adverse weather)
Round the Island Trophy
- Thursday Evening
1. Windhover
2. Magic Imp
3. Bear Necessity
Simon Milner
Ernie Linguard
Les Norris


Regatta Results 2020

The Regatta was unable to be held due to coronavirus restrictions.

NB Detailed results can be found on the results page.

Judges Report on the Cruising & Other Competitions for the 2020 HYC Yearbook

This year’s judge was:
Louise Wright

I am not a natural sailor, as some members are aware, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying accounts of other voyages that fellow sailors undertake and those voyages that were submitted this last 12 months have been of great interest to me and I hope to you. “Every journey starts with the first step,” or in this case “first nautical mile.”

Due to the quality of this year’s entries, it has been difficult for me to decide how to award the trophies.  I admit that I have allowed my personal interests to influence some of my decisions.


The McKendrick Cruising Cup

To be awarded each year to the competitor who makes the most successful and instructive cruise. 

I decided that the “Mediterranean Cruise” of Kathleen and Chris Eagleton in Kabardar is the winner, due to its easy reading style, abundance of information and description, but also my personal geographical interest in the sailing grounds.  I am so envious of Kathleen and Chris; to have that timeframe to spend cruising is something I am aiming for!!

The McKendrick Crusing Runner-up Cup

Upon the Judge’s suggestion, a second Cup is awarded to the runner-up.


I have awarded this to Stephen Johnson who has wowed us again with his singlehanded voyage from South Uist, through the Pentland Firth and back to Brough aboard his Hunter Delta, Karana, without once duplicating a marina/port - a feat within itself. This is a stunning log from a talented, experienced, intrepid sailor.


The John M Hamilton Cup

To be awarded for an account of the most eventful and instructive 24 hour cruise. This may be taken from a longer cruise, if the rest of the cruise is not entered for any other competition.


Goes to Simon Howarth and Peter Parker for Erraid’s delivery voyage to Brough, which was approximately 24 hours over 3 separate sailing days, and fraught with problems along the way.  This account shows that we are never too old to learn new skills!


The Bluebird Perpetual Challenge Trophy

Awarded for the best presented log of the most innovative and instructional cruise of not less that two weeks nor longer than five weeks, undertaken by a yacht of 30 feet or less, in waters of the British Isles, including the coasts of Ireland, the English Channel, Norwegian Coast and the waters of the Baltic countries.

Awarded to Andrew and Nicole How for their return trip from Milford Haven, sailing north through the Irish Sea to the awesome west coast of Scotland and across the Minch to the Outer Hebrides, the Isle of Lewis and all the way back; all this in their incredibly fast Pogo 30, Sagitta.


The A G Forgan Prize

(Judged by Keith Lown)

To be awarded for the best description, together with constructional details of the building of a boat, rebuild, alterations, restoration, refitting, reconditioning, or conversion by a member of the club.

This year we have a worthy candidate in Tim Butterworth for his piece “Boating on a Budget.”  While Tim’s account doesn't tick all the qualification boxes for a rebuild, alteration, restoration or refit, it does give elements and the running order of a rolling, long term restoration and refit of his vessel, with materials used to meet a budget and innovative ways to tackle problems.  It is packed full of useful ideas and advice for the many of us who have bought a “project.”


Year Book Cover Design

(Judged by Tony Watts, Joint Editor)

The winner of the 2020 cover design competition is Patricia Carrington with her pastel painting of yachts ashore at Winteringham. Congratulations to Patricia.


Club Awards 2020


Captain's Cup:

Awarded at the sole discretion of the Captain.

Awarded at the sole discretion of the Captain to Simon Howarth for his long service as the Honorary Secretary.

The role of club secretary is a challenging one and involves a great deal of work with many unseen hours. Simon has spent a great deal of his personal time within this role and his dedication to the HYC is recognised by this award. I also offer Simon my sincere thanks for his support to me over the first 2 years of my captaincy.


Centenary Tray:

To be awarded by the Officers for outstanding services to the Club.


Awarded by the Officers for outstanding services to the Club goes to  Ray Murtagh for his dedicated services as North Bank Mate.


Unflappable in (almost) every situation, Ray has provided calm, sound advice to new members and seasoned members alike. He has worked tirelessly to keep activities at the north bank running smoothly and effectively and has kept the “Friday Gang” in work (and in biscuits) each week.


Walter and Joan Webster Plate:

To be awarded by the Officers and Committee of the Club for a feat of outstanding seamanship.

 Awarded by the Officers and General Committee for a feat of outstanding seamanship goes to Stephen Johnson and his yacht, “Karana.”

Stephen is based at the Humber Yawl Club’s Brough Haven. "Karana" is a 25ft Hunter Delta with a lifting keel and a petrol outboard. Every year Stephen and "Karana" sail hundreds of miles singlehanded.  In the past they have circumnavigated the UK, sailed across to the Channel Islands  and undertaken other challenging voyages.

This year, having had to leave "Karana” in Scotland in 2019 due to a back injury (see the 2019 Yearbook), Stephen sailed back from the west coast of Scotland, and, on the way, explored various areas that he and “Karana” had not explored before. Since "Karana" has a petrol outboard, most voyages are under sail. This, as we all know, takes a lot of planning and patience. Stephen very rarely motor-sails due to this engine constraint and the availability of petrol at marinas and harbours. We would surely all agree that this truly demands an amazing feat of seamanship and hence this award.

Spindrift Prize:

Awarded by the Officers and Committee for services to the Club.


Awarded by the Officers and General Committee for Services to the Club goes to Scott Murdoch in recognition of his dedicated service as our Bar Committee Chairman for the last 10 years.

Scott took care that the bar in Brough was manned every Thursday evening and on special occasions, serving a wide range of beverages. He always tried to meet as many members’ taste by introducing a varied cellar stock. Together with the Bar Committee, which he chaired and trained, he has been tirelessly serving thirsty members and gave many of our new members the opportunity to get to know other the club members. Finally, due to his sharp wit and knowledge, the Bar Committee members were serious contenders at our special event pub quizzes.
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