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Flying Fifteens & Squibs
The International and National fun racing keel boats that currently storm round the cans off Brough as a handicap fleet. They are both ideal for estuary and large harbour cruising and racing on top of the tide for up to 4 hours; with notable adventurous exceptions!

The Flying Fifteen is an adrenaline design for robust people in good health that planes over the waves when heavier designs continue to heel and plough. The Squib was designed for the racing dinghy sailor who has had to either take things easier or leave the boat moored afloat on open roadsteads and have to leave lots of gear on board.

Both are ideal for our protective mud berths in which antiĀ­fouling is an an issue for rudders only because they remain mostly out of the mud! With its now well established adjustable angle trailer design they are easier than heavier dinghies to launch and recover by two people when near high water, then a 2:1 rope tackle and a car or friendly club helpers up to ninety minutes either side of Mean High Water.
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