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Keelboats at the Humber Yawl Club

A two man, racing Keelboat class was established at the Humber Yawl Club in 1974. At the time, both the 1947 designed International Flying Fifteen and the 1968 designed National Squib were considered as most suitable for the Clubs facilities and requirements. Due to cost and availability the International Flying Fifteen was chosen and by the mid 1990’s the fleet had grown to 13 boats. During the late 1990’s a small influx of Squibs generated Keelboat handicap racing as the Flying Fifteen fleet had started to decline and by 2004 the Flying Fifteens and Squibs raced on Handicap in equal numbers.

With the Flying Fifteen fleet in further decline, the Squib fleet benefited and grew to a fleet of 11 boats. Whilst both boats and members have come and gone over recent years, the Club still retains a small fleet of Squibs that have class racing midweek evenings and at weekends to this day.

The Squib is an Ideal small family day boat that will accommodate 2 adults and 2 children easily, whilst racing 2 up, can be highly tactical due to its very strict one design Hull and sail plan. The boat is renowned for being incredibly easy and forgiving to sail (many sailing schools use Squibs as their training boats) and yet can be incredibly difficult to sail well (with 100+ boats at the national championships, you can really determine just how good a sailor you really are!). With Dinghy like performance and Yacht stability, at a little under 20ft long, with a draught of 1 metre and a 50% ballast ratio, they are a great little boat for the river. If you have an interest come along and have a look, we can arrange trail sails on request.

Further information on the Squib can be found here: National Squib Association

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